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June 14, 2009 More to come, soon!

close -up

"Wine Shadows" 30x60

My casa in Vitiano, Arezzo is in the villa where the arrow points . It is about 65 miles south east of  Florence, Italy. Google Earth is wonderful for a fly over of  Italy, or anywhere you want to go!  

This website isn't set up very well to add my two cents worth everyday. I guess it will be an exercise in expanding my aging braincells. Maybe, I will only add my two cents worth every few days? ...

March 7,2009

Here is a photo of  a project I have started. It is a giant canvas, 80x120. ( That is 10 feet long.)  I circled it with a yellow line. My cat has to back in and out of her pet door behind this thing because I think the value of the canvas would be significantly diminished if I cut a hole in it!  I have wanted to paint museum size paintings all my life, murals, but not just a mural, a scene that commands the space and takes  you into another world. It can be like a window.  First, I did not want to wait for museum grade stretcher bars. So, I made some , myself. ( No, they are not "museum grade")...Stretching this monster in my small studio was a feat quite like trying to man a giant sail on a ship, all myself,but with no wind. Because I found wrinkles in the linen, after I stretched it, I spent a day ironing it on the floor! I haven't decided what I shall paint on this, yet. I want to paint many things! But, this is only the first, and, much smaller than what I really want to do, eventually.

I am open to suggestions!


 Today, march 6, 2009,, is a bright sunny, spring day in Chico, CA. Actually, there are some lingering, dark clouds, behaving as clouds should in March. The sun  goes in and out and the temp is nearly 60.

     I was working on a giant commission, 77x67, and it is going very well. Here is an image of it's size, in relation to my size.

This is a 30x60, somewhat similar to " My Sonoma". It is a painting I'm pleased with and it  is close to being ready for adoption. Anyone  interested in adopting this painting, please contact me! I will be happy to not have to live under  a bridge! The asking price  for this adoption will be  $18,000 but it requires no further care and feeding.  I will attempt to put a photo of it, here, in it's current state. If I succeed, it should appear here...